WPA2-Enterprise Connection

Devices will all differ however the below should provide enough information to connect to the network. If in doubt, please contact your I.T. representative.

Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2

1. Open you WiFi settings or connection manager and select the network provided by your IT team.

2. When prompted enter the username or identity above into the username/identity field (If a field is presented called anonymous identity just leave it empty).

3. Enter the password provided into the password field.

4. Connect to the network and if you are prompted to approve a certificate make sure it’s for "Easy WiFi AAA" or the thumbprint is "62 39 1f d9 03 87 68 10 98 94 e4 f3 ad 80 35 eb 69 0e 71 9c".

5. Now just click connect.

Network Certificates

We recommend downloading our root certificate and associating it with the network connection to make sure you only connect to a valid network. You can download our certificate file here.

Android 10 and above will ask you for the domain when connecting to the network. The domain is Easy WiFi AAA (case sensitive).

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